Lime-washed Oak tops add a warm and homely feel and impart a period charm to this continental influenced collection: Material Oak:
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£299 H183 x W91 x D6 CM REF: MRM33
£339 H164 x W135 x D13 CM REF: MRM158
£169 H180 x W58 x D6 CM REF: MRM125
£239 H124 x W104 x D13 CM REF: MRM169
£99 H80 x W80 CM REF: MREM71
Golden Balls Mirror
Gold Classic SQ Mirror
Gold Classic SQ Mirror
Gold Dressing Mirror
Tall Gold French
£199 H120 x W88 x D6 CM REF: MRM31
Gold Square French
£425 H192 x W134 CM REF: MRM24
£309 H180 x W90 x D13 CM REF: MRM237
Large Gold French Mirror
Tall Gold Classic
Gold Framed Mirrors
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Gold Classic Overmantel
£179 H180 x W90 CM REF: MRM147
£399 120 x 120 CM REF: MCGV260Gold
Round Gold Venetian Aztec Mirror
£149 H80 x W80 x D6 CM REF: MCGEM90
£115 H72 x W72 x D8 CM REF: MCGEM95
Antique Rolled Gold Mirror
Antique Gold Twist Flute
Gold Rectangular Classic
£149 H120 x W90 x D10 CM REF: MCGM243
£199 120 x 120 x D10 CM REF: MCGM284
Antique Gold Small Regal Mirror
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£180 H104.5 x W62 CM REF: GD8555
Elegant Algiers Mirror
Closed Mondays
£239 H84 x W84 x D3.5 CM REF: LIB902624
Alanis Segmented Starburst Mirror
Antique Gold Floral Iron Mirror
£169 H77 x W77 x D7.5 CM REF: LIB701731
Glass - H33 x W33CM Glass - H80 x W59 Glass - H80 x W59CM Glass - H157 x W43CM Glass - H147 x W56CM Glass - H85 x W52CM Glass - H156 x W98CM Glass - H135 x W43CM Glass - H71 x W87 Large Round Gold Venetian Aztec Mirror 120 x 120 CM naked grain LOVES! Glass - H28 x W28CM Glass - H30 x W30CM Glass - H88 x W48 Glass: H89 x W61 CM naked grain LOVES! naked grain LOVES! Algiers Mirror H104.5 x W62CM Alanis Segmented Starburst Mirror H84 x W84 x D3.5 CM Antique Gold Floral Iron Mirror H77 x W77 x D7.5 CM