Lime-washed Oak tops add a warm and homely feel and impart a period charm to this continental influenced collection: Material Oak:
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£18 29 x 29 CM REF: LOLT016
£14 H23.5 CM REF: NG123CRF163
£5 12 x 12 CM REF: LOLT014
£24 H36 CM REF: NG123CRF162
Large Wood Hanging Heart
Medium Wood Hanging Heart
Red Metal Heart Small
Red Metal Heart Medium
£24 38 x 38 CM REF: LOLT017
Red Metal Heart L:arge
Decorative Accessories
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£25 CM REF: NG123CR002
£15 H25 CM REF: NG123CRF135
Large Hanging Wooden Heart
£15 W27 CM REF: NG1213CRF003
Hanging Wooden Heart
£45 H45 x W41 x D20 CM REF: LIB700475
Copper Web Wire Magazine rack
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Closed Mondays
Cream String Dream Ctacher
£25 H95 x W42 x D1 CM REF: DC39216
WOOD HANGING HEART WHITE H36 CM WOOD HANGING HEART WHITE  H 23.5 CM Red Metal Heart Small  12 x 12 CM A metal heart with hand painted decoration 29 x 29 CM A metal heart with hand painted decoration 38 x 38 CM LARGE HANGING WOODEN HEART GRY/WHT IRON HANG HEART H25 CM HANGING WOODEN HEART 27 CM Copper Web Wire Magazine Rack H45 x W41 x D20 CM Cream String Dream Ctacher H95 x W32 x D1 CM